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Become a Medicine Dancer between Earth and Sky

The Goddess Hall The Goddess Hall, Ben edict Street, Glastonbury, United Kingdom

BOOK THIS TRAINING HERE Become a Medicine Dancer between Earth and Sky – A training workshop for rising Medicine Women The Medicine Dancer is a conduit of healing energy, a storyteller through movement, and a keeper of ancestral wisdom. This weekend training workshop connects you with the skills and gifts of the medicine dancer and teaches you how to activate, hone and utilise them for your own healing and unfolding, and in your work with clients. Medicine Dancing is an ancient path that bridges the realms of Earth and Sky, connecting the physical and spiritual dimensions. The medicine dancer connects with these energies, embodies them, moves them though her and utilises them for her own healing and the healing of the collective. During this training workshop you will learn, with the help of intent, movement journeys, embodiment exercises and dance, to listen to and understand spirit through your own body, becoming a vessel for energies of knowing, healing and transformation ...

£145 – £195

Learn the Art of Divination – Interactive online training workshop


BOOK THIS TRAINING HERE Learn the Art of Divination – Interactive online training workshop for women  Since time began, human beings have used the art of divination to seek guidance, wisdom and answers from the unseen realms. If you want to explore and learn this ancient art to conduct readings for yourself and others, whilst strengthening your intuitive abilities using oracle cards, this workshop is perfect for you! Join us for three evenings to learn and unlock the power of oracle readings to transform your life and the lives of others. The three evenings are designed to help you develop your intuition and psychic gifts while learning how to accurately divine with the Medicine Woman Wisdom Oracle cards. You’ll learn how to use different spreads and methods available to you, enabling you to deliver accurate oracle readings for yourself and your clients. We’ll show you how to tap into your inner and universal wisdom, cultivate your psychic gifts, and build your confidence ...

£60 – £80

Modern Medicine Woman Practitioner Training Course

Zoom & Earth Spirit Center Lockyers Farm, Peak lane, Compton Dundon, Somerton, Somerset, United Kingdom

BOOK THIS TRAINING HERE Are you called to step into the powerful role of a modern medicine woman? This substantial, certificated and accredited practitioner training course invites you to become a Modern Medicine Woman, step into your authentic power and share your unique medicine with the world In indigenous teachings, Medicine means the presence and power embodied in or demonstrated by a person. It is thought that the Great Spirit gives each person a medicine, a unique spiritual gift or talent, which they need to discover and enhance through learning the skills needed to practice it. Traditionally the medicine men and women are seen as Spiritual Healers and Spiritual Leaders, bringing their medicine to the world. The Modern Medicine Woman is based on the powerful archetypal energies of the ancient medicine woman in her many aspects, such as the he Wild Woman, the Shamanka, the Witch, the Herbalist, the Healer, The Seer and Oracle, the Priestess, the Activist, the Creatrix, ...

£390 – £780