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Modern Medicine Woman Practitioner Training Course

29th March 2025 @ 10:00 am - 31st July 2025 @ 5:00 pm

The Modern Medicine Woman Practitioner Training

Are you called to step into the powerful role of a modern medicine woman?

This substantial, certificated and accredited practitioner training course invites you to become a Modern Medicine Woman, step into your authentic power and share your unique medicine with the world

In indigenous teachings, Medicine means the presence and power embodied in or demonstrated by a person. It is thought that the Great Spirit gives each person a medicine, a unique spiritual gift or talent, which they need to discover and enhance through learning the skills needed to practice it. Traditionally the medicine men and women are seen as Spiritual Healers and Spiritual Leaders, bringing their medicine to the world.

The Modern Medicine Woman is based on the powerful archetypal energies of the ancient medicine woman in her many aspects, such as the he Wild Woman, the Shamanka, the Witch, the Herbalist, the Healer, The Seer and Oracle, the Priestess, the Activist, the Creatrix, to name just a few, but she adjusts her Being and practices to our times, to what is needed now.

approved training

Modules & Curriculum

During the five modules of your foundation training you will learn, develop, understand and practice fundamental skills, gifts and tools of the Medicine Woman and be able to apply them professionally as a practitioner as well as to your own development and personal life.

The modern medicine woman practitioner qualification will enable you to

  • Answer your calling, understand your purpose and develop your unique style
  • Apply the many skills you will learn during the course (have a look at the modules)
  • Begin to practice as a modern medicine woman
  • Integrate the Medicine Woman skills into your already existing practice
  • Work in a way that is aligned with the feminine and your specific medicine power
  • Become part of a female support network, circle and tribe and access our resources.

modern medicine woman training

MODULE 1: Connect with your Inner Medicine Woman – 29th March 2025 – interactive zoom day

The Ancient Medicine Woman has many aspects: the Wild Woman, the Shamanka, the Witch, the Herbalist, the Healer, the Priestess, the Activist, the Creatrix, to name just a few. Connecting to, trusting in and working with the specific aspect that resides deep within you will unleash your primal power, show you your unique path, and how to walk it.

  • Teaching about Medicine and the Medicine Woman
  • Connecting with your inner archetypal Medicine Woman & discover her medicine
  • Connect with your ancestral medicine power
  • Birth and embody your medicine energy

modern medicine woman training

MODULE 2: The Basic Toolbox of a Modern Medicine Woman – 26th & 27th April 2025 – interactive zoom weekend

Module 2 introduces you to fundamental medicine woman’s skills, providing you with a starter kit and a set of basic tools so that you can move on to the intensive, residential practitioner module

Shamanic tools for the Modern Medicine Woman

  • How to create an altar and work with it
  • How to work with spirit – spirit calls & having spirit present
  • How to create beneficial space and using the power of intent for your work
  • Establishing spirit helpers: power animals & female guides
  • Shamanic Journeying as a tool
  • Energy tools for the Modern Medicine Woman
  • Understanding and working with energy systems
  • How to organise your energy body
  • How to attune to a crystal
  • Unleashing the energies of Her-story

modern medicine woman training module 3

MODULE 3: Extended Toolbox of the Modern Medicine Woman – 17th May 2025 – Interactive zoom day

Module 3 builds on module 2, extending your basic tool box so that you can move to the intensive, residential practitioner module.

Shamanic tools and Energy work

  • Understanding ceremonial work
  • How to structure a ceremony
  • How to regulate the nervous system through the vagus nerve.
  • How to create and use a Crystal Healing Circuit

Modern medicine woman training module 4

Stepping into your Medicine Woman Power – Practitioner Training

Residential Training Retreat: 8th – 13th June 2025 at the Earth Spirit Center, Glastonbury

Module 4 consists of a six-day intensive residential practitioner training retreat. It will take place at the beautiful Earth Spirit Center near Glastonbury – the perfect place for you to learn, embody and hone your medicine skills and develop into a Modern Medicine Woman practitioner.

During this week you will learn how to work in a feminine way that is in alignment with and attuned to your own innate archetypal medicine powers. The residential practitioner training will set you on the path to becoming an authentic Medicine Woman in your own right, whilst teaching you transferable skills to use in your work and life. It also offers safe space for profound personal growth on your heroic journey to self-actualisation.

The residential is divided into the following sub-modules


  • Become activated and attuned to the Great Mother
  • Learn how to activate others
  • Become activated and attuned to the Shamanic Medicine Aspects of:
    Energy Healer, The Earth Woman, The Seer/Visionary, The Creatrix, The Ceremonialist, The
    Sacred Feminine Activist
  • Ceremony and Ritual

You will be taught how to create and facilitate ceremony, including

  • seasonal ceremonies
  • fire ceremony
  • cacao ceremony
  • ancestral ceremony
  • ceremonies for women.

Working with Energies

You will learn basic energy healing techniques, including

  • How to use diagnostic energy medicine tools
  • How to reset and re-balance the nervous system
  • How to use the drum for vibrational healing
  • How to facilitate a healing session

Earth and Nature Medicine

  • Explore the connection between woman, body and earth
  • Learn how to connect with the feminine life force
  • Learn how to converse with nature
  • Learn how to connect with nature spirits
  • Learn how to use basic ecotherapy techniques to heal yourself and others

Seeing and Creating

This sub-module will teach you basic tools of the Seer and the Creatrix

  • Develop your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Learn how to see with the inner and outer eyes
  • Learn how to bring forth your creative power

Embodying & Integrating

Throughout the week we will use a variety of tools and means of integration and embodiment:

  • Drums & Rhythm
  • Voice
  • Dance
  • Embodiment exercises

MODULE 5: Being a practicing Medicine Woman – 5th July 2025 – Interactive zoom day

Module 5 Is about you as a ‘Medicine Woman of the Future. It consists of an interactive zoom-day to gain clarity and focus on the direction of your medicine and how it can be practically gifted to the world. We will teach you the necessary skills to practice with a client or group such as taking a case history, creating a treatment plan and watching out for contra-indications. It will also provide you with guidance for the two case studies which you need to complete before receiving your practitioner certificate.

The interactive zoom day also gives us the opportunity to tie up loose ends, ask questions, deepen your understanding of practices which are new to you and form a mutual support circle.

  • Envisage your medicine of the future
  • Develop your Medicine Woman Self
  • Case history template and how to use it
  • How to create a treatment plan
  • Contra-indications
  • Case study template and how to use it
  • Time for questions and / or further explanations and practices
  • Forming support circles

Course Fees: Modern Medicine Women Practitioner Training

  • The fees for the course include
  • Modern Medicine Women Practitioner qualification
  • 5 days and one evening interactive zoom teachings
  • 6 days and 5 nights intensive training retreat at the Earth Spirit Center, Glastonbury (includes all meals and shared accommodation)
  • Comprehensive teaching material and zoom recordings


Course Fees: £ 780.00 (include all zoom and residential teachings, materials and recordings).

Residential retreat venue fees £ 680.00 (includes 5 nights shared accommodation and all meals – single rooms are available on a first come first serve basis single supplement £ 25.00 per night)

Reduced Residential Fees: £ 500.00 (accommodation in your own van or tent – includes all meals)


You can either pay the full teaching of £ 780.00 fees or in instalments:

£ 390.00 at booking
£ 390.00 – due due 15th March 2025
The residential fees of £ 680.00 are due on the 15th May 2025


If you would like to see images of previous Medicine woman courses click into Modern Medicine Woman training gallery 

approved training

Covid requirements and refund policy:

As a training provider we have to comply with Covid laws and requirements.

  • We will refund the fees you have paid in case we need to cancel the course.
  • If Covid laws change and we need to adapt with various measures – such as teaching a module online or changing dates or location – we cannot refund your fees as these requirements are not under our control.
  • Please read our ‘terms and conditions’ for cancellation policy


29th March 2025 @ 10:00 am
31st July 2025 @ 5:00 pm
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