women really can be the change

Women Really Can Be The Change

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I belong to a ‘women in business’ group and noticed the confusion women seem to experience when trying to be successful. We live in a world where most people who make it to the top, be this to the top of a small hill or to the top of a massive mountain, have to be self-centred, highly focussed, very competitive, constantly self-promoting, orientated towards materialism, pushing sales with means that are not necessarily ethical and adapt as much as possible to…

the rise of the feminine by Christa Mackinnon

Choosing life: The rise of the feminine

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Author: Christa MackinnonDeveloping a consciousness based on the feminine is not about balance. It is about choosing life over death.The feminine has become a much-talked-about subject. Concepts and ideas, such as ‘the empowering of the feminine’ or ‘the feminine needs to come to the fore’ are thrown into conversations and feminine leadership, feminine ways of working, feminine structures, values and attitudes are topics discussed from the alternative scenes to the boardrooms. The rise of the feminine seems well under way. It will be a long and exciting journey – not without obstacles, not without resistance from those who would like to turn the clock back, not without certain scenes trying to make it ‘fluffy and nice’, and certainly not without the interference of market forces, trying to press this diverse movement into formats that ensure its adaptation to the existing structures and thinking. Nevertheless, as the current global crisis is rooted in humanity’s loss of ‘heart, soul and connection to …