About Women Weaving Change

Christa and Vanessa see themselves as modern-day Medicine Woman and Changemakers, whose professional work, projects and businesses were leading them increasingly to the feminine. They both feel that now is the time to contribute in a concrete and powerful way to the movement of the rising feminine and the necessary paradigm shift. Women Weaving Change is their answer to this calling.
vanessa tucker

Vanessa Tucker

Vanessa Tucker is the author of The Art of You, founder of Walk your Talk Retreats, creator of Alchemy Healing and co-founder of Women Weaving Change.

Combining her backgrounds in hair, theatre, therapy and education, Vanessa is a key player in the spiritual and personal development movements. Her teachings and intuitive insights inspire audiences globally; encouraging us to step into our authentic power, answer our creative calling and expand our consciousness. Her work is heart-centred, Spirit-led and transformative, with an emphasis on working with energy.

Vanessa’s creative calling developed from the point of crisis, which led her to ask the question: What would I do if I had six months to live? Her answer took her on a spiritual pilgrimage to self-love and empowerment. Travel and India was a huge catalyst for this; so much so that she now travels extensively throughout the UK and India facilitating workshops, courses, and retreats and sharing her teaching programmes, knowledge and experiences.

As well as her one-to-one healing and therapy practice, Vanessa provides training in Reiki and Alchemy Healing supporting healers, health practitioners and coaches to increase their skill set and confidence and develop their psychic and intuitive abilities. She also specialises in mentoring creatives in the Hair and Beauty industry; guiding them to access their authentic creative power and apply it to their personal and professional lives.

The role of creativity has always been a central theme to Vanessa’s professional and personal growth and pleasure. Her photography and jewellery designs can be found on her website.

christa mackinnon

Christa Mackinnon

Christa Mackinnon is a psycho-spiritual teacher and acclaimed author. In her work she combines her skills as a psychologist, therapist, lecturer and trainer with her knowledge of ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary shamanism, received from teachers all over the world.

Christa facilitates a wide range of courses, workshops and events internationally, mainly, but not only, for women, trains therapeutic professionals in various aspects of shamanism and speak extensively at conferences, whilst also writing books and articles.

It took a serious illness for Christa to change her focus from being an acclaimed psychological professional and academic to stepping fully into the role of the medicine woman and following her passion and heart’s desire. All her workshops, training courses, events, books and speaking engagements are designed – in various ways - to facilitate empowerment, expansion of consciousness, transformation and growth towards wholeness. They all aim to support people in their quest to become ‘all they can be’, whilst finding and walking their own authentic path and creating lives that have meaning and purpose.

Christa is the founder of ‘Bridging the Worlds’, co-founder of ‘Women Weaving Change’ and the author of three books, combining the ancient shamanic with the contemporary therapeutic. She also has written widely about ‘the feminine’ and ‘women’s empowerment’, with her latest contribution ‘embodiment and the feminine’ to be published in the forthcoming book ‘Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine’.

Visit Christa's website.